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The Wish For A Smile Trust is a public health initiative run by the NZ Association of Orthodontists (NZAO). Participating members of the NZAO donate their time and expertise to children across the country. 

The Trust is dependent on public donations to fund the treatment cost for patients who qualify for treatment. This includes the cost of the orthodontic appliances and other unavoidable ancillary costs associated with treatment. All donations are directly responsible for helping provide eligible young Kiwis with the smile they wish for.


TV3 / Campbell Live (and all of New Zealand!)

The Wish For A Smile Trust received an incredible 'kick start' with a donation from people across New Zealand via TV3's Campbell Live programme. A 2011 story about Evan Hill's severe orthodontic issues raised over $180,000 in donations from caring Kiwi's. As this was far more than was needed to correct Evan's teeth - and his sister's - the team at Campbell Live pledged the excess funds to the Wish For A Smile Trust so kids across New Zealand would be able to access specialist orthodontic care.

For the latest update on Evan Hill's progress see the Campbell Live update here which aired on Monday the 15th of December 

So thank you New Zealand, and Campbell Live.

 Campbell Live


Aluro Healthcare

Aluro Healthcare has committed to generously supporting The Wish for a Smile Trust  with each patient accepted into the program receiving a comprehensive oral hygiene kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste, water flosser and  other preventative tools to assist with maintaining good  oral care during their treatment.  This oral hygiene kit will be personalised for each patient.

They hope that  through this initiative Aluro Health Care can support communities they are part of by helping make a difference in a practical way.

Aluro Healthcare


Buddle Findlay, Lawyers

We are extremely grateful for the professional advice and assistance of Buddle Findlay on the legal aspects of Wish For A Smile Trust.

Buddle Findlay lawyers


Henry Schein Shalfoon

Henry Schein Shalfoon has made a generous donation to the Wish For A Smile Trust. We thank them for their kind assistance in making a difference to young New Zealanders.

Do you live in the Manawatu? The Smiling Straight Trust also covers that area and welcomes your application. http://www.smilingstraight.org.nz/