The Wish For A Smile Trust invites applications from any child who:

  • Is able to give back to their community through voluntary work
  • Has a severe orthodontic need identified by a dentist or dental therapist
  • Has a keen desire for orthodontic treatment and is willing to take good care of their appliances and their overall oral health
  • Has no ability to directly pay for orthodontic treatment, and has a family willing to specify family income, outgoings and assets
  • Has a family/whanau commitment to contribute a small amount each week to the cost of treatment
  • Is aged between 11 and 16 years of age (effective 1st September 2015) at the time of application
  • Lives in an area serviced by a participating Wish For A Smile Trust orthodontist


You must be identified as having a severe orthodontic issue by your dentist or dental therapist before your application will be considered by the Wish For A Smile Trust. Please take the Clinical Assessment Form to your dental practitioner during your regular checkup and ask them to complete the form before you submit your application.

If your dental therapist or dentist confirms you have a severe orthodontic issue as outlined in the Clinical Assessment Form, you will be eligible to apply to the Trust for treatment.

The Trust has participating orthodontists throughout New Zealand. 

Do you live in the Manawatu? The Smiling Straight Trust also covers that area and welcomes your application. http://www.smilingstraight.org.nz/