A number of short-term,’quick’ orthodontic treatment products and methods have appeared in recent years and are being offered by general dentists. These treatments are often promoted as a quicker and cheaper alternative to the treatment provided by specialist orthodontists. 

These ‘fast’, ‘quick’ or ‘6-month’ products do not move teeth any faster than the conventional metal or clear braces provided by specialist orthodontists. They are marketed as a faster treatment, but that’s not true.  The mechanics of tooth movement and how quickly teeth align is exactly the same as in traditional orthodontics.  The major difference is that ‘quick’ braces only aim to align the front six teeth, so they are simply removed sooner. Removing braces too soon generally gives poor results. The underlying orthodontic problems are not properly fixed. This means that while the front teeth will appear straight, any underlying bite issues will often be left uncorrected. 

Only a specialist orthodontist has the training, knowledge and clinical expertise to distinguish which types of patients can be safely finished in a faster than average timeframe and which patients require comprehensive management.